with Aged Balsamic glaze and fresh basil


6-8 Field tomatoes, sliced
1 pkg. (250g) Zerto Fresh Mozzarella
1/2 cup Olio Carli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Martelli Sea Salt
5-6 leaves Fresh Basil
1 bottle(250ml) Maletti Reanani Aceto Balsamico di Modena


Cut tomatoes with a sharp knife into thin slices. Cut mozzarella in thin slices.
On a large platter layer the tomatoes and cheese by alternating between the two. Stick leaves of basil artfully in-between the tomatoes and cheese as pictured. If some leaves are too large, just tear with your hands. Sprinkle with a generous pinch of salt. Drizzle the Olive Oil evenly over the whole salad. Gently drizzle the Balsamic glaze. Make sure not to overdo it, a little goes a long way! Buon Appetito!

Serves 4

Olio Carli is an excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a greenish-yellow colour and golden highlights with light almond undertones making it a perfect oil for drizzling a light summer salad.

Chef’s Tip: Store your tomatoes on the kitchen counter at room temperature to bring out it’s juicy flavor.

Courtesy of Monastery Bakery

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