with Maple Crunch Toffee and Whipped Cream


1 loaf Monastery Signature Braided Egg Bread, sliced 1” thick
4 Nature’s Farms Omega 3 Free Run Eggs
1 cup Stirling Butter, unsalted
1 cup Sealtest 35% Cream
1 tsp. Belle Donne ground Cinnamon
4 Large Bananas, ripe and sliced ½” thick
¼ cup Redpath Granulated Sugar
1 tbsp. Belle Donne Vanilla Extract
1 cup Monastery Signature Pecan Halves, chopped
1 box (150g) Coco Mira Maple Crunch Toffee
1 can (225gr) Sealtest Real Whipped Cream


In a large bowl, whisk together the eggs, cream and cinnamon. Dip each slice of bread into mixture turning to coat well.
Add a spoonful of butter in a nonstick skillet on medium heat and pan fry each croissant, turning once until golden brown on each side. Add more butter if necessary with the remaining bread.

Meanwhile, in another nonstick skillet, melt about ½ the butter with the sugar on low heat until sugar is melted and slightly bubbling. Add the sliced bananas, chopped pecans and vanilla extract and cook for 3-4 minutes stirring until warmed through.

Divide the French toast onto 6 plates, spoon banana mixture on top of each. Crumble pieces of the Maple crunch toffee on top with a rosette of whipped cream and enjoy!

Serves 6

Buon Appetito!

Bakers Tip: For an authentic Banana Fosters, add a splash of rum to your sautéed Banana’s!

Courtesy of Monastery Bakery

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